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Mihodb.com, is an updated listing of international scholarships for students who seek national and global development through higher education. At this site, you will find information on scholarships, grants, and any other means of financial supports available worldwide. You will also find information on application resources, scholarship/study guide, how to apply and employment/profession guide to assist you in fulfilling your educational and professional dreams.

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Our mission is to promote higher education and help bright and needy students in finding scholarship and financial aid opportunities worldwide. The higher education will help students to channel their unbridled zeal into more productive avenues and become agents of enlightenment in the world.

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We are team of highly qualified professionals and have won a number of scholarships throughout our academic careers. We started this project because we think that we are at the prime position to help people from all over the world in winning scholarships, grants, financial aids and fellowships to pursue higher education and light up the world.